Saturday, December 1, 2007


Hi y'all! I'm Meghan, a survivor of multiple victimization. I feel out of my league sometimes with this group of contributors - not just because I'm a youngin' but because I just don't have the resume these other guys and gals do yet.

I am student activist from Kentucky, and I am Angela Shelton's new intern, supposedly starting work in the spring, but really 6 weeks ago. I have worked with many national non-profits on projects and initiatives. My favorite is Security On Campus, Inc. This organization changed my life when they helped me stand up for myself when I felt that I had lost everything. They showed me that even being screwed by the system didn't mean that I had to stop. I not only began to heal, but I began to work for change. I saw the movie Searching for Angela Shelton in fall of 2006, just two months after I was raped. This also changed my life. I began following Angela's blogs and eventually wrote a research paper and did an hour presentation about how the actions of one woman were changing the world. That was a year ago this month.

Now, I speak out about violence. I speak about the rights of victims and finding a path to healing. I share my story publicly, and from this I have met literally dozens and dozens of survivors - on my campus and across the state. I have decided that I want to do for others what SOC and Angela did for my life, and now Angela is giving me the opportunity to do so. I am starting a project called "Discovering Me." This project, which you will definitely hear more about, deals with the transformation victims go through when they realize "I'm not the only one," the impact Angela Shelton (the person and the idea) has had on me and thousands of others, and my own journey in deciding to survive, choosing to question, stepping into the light, and finding my own voice. That's really broad, but like I said you will hear more about it later.

You will also hear lots more form me. I post news stories, resources, and anything else I can find. Thank you, contributors, for placing me in your ranks! And thank you, Angela, for this incredible opportunity!!!


Angela Shelton said...

Hey Meghan! You rock. I loved it that you wanted to intern and I LOVE your idea on Discovering Me. You are the future my dear. Post away!

And per Meghan's internship, she is working on The Survivor Manual so email her if you'd like us to add any resources etc.