Friday, December 14, 2007

What can I do to help?

The Finding Angela Shelton Challenge!

A big part of healing is breaking the silence. Often people say, "But I am just one person. No one listens to me. How is it possible that if I sm_2107ebabe26676f32691730589e33e4apeak up I will make a difference?" 

Every voice counts...and we need you to help.

Finding Angela Shelton is an escape route and a call to healing - so what if it got into the hands of all survivors?-- How do you get this book to 39 million people via a grassroots movement? We stand together. We unite our numbers and support each other until each and every survivor has been reached.

Tell all your friends on myspace to add her at: Then talk to your local rape crisis centers, high schools, colleges,radio stations and even police departments. challenge

Most importantly, order the book! You can now do that here: FINDING ANGELA SHELTON (click the title for link)



Angela Shelton said...

OMG - I feel like I'm watching myself. This is surreal. You are all so amazing. So far the response to the book is remarkable. The advance copies just got into the hands of the first readers. Wow!

I can't wait for Anonymous to read it.