Saturday, December 22, 2007

Making Memories

The above is my new way of holding myself as a baby, me holding me.

Making memories is the order of the season! Each new positive thing we do at this time and all year round is what I call a positive trigger. Do new and joyful things and remember as you do them, I will remember this next year/later and be filled with positivity, warmth, and love. Make memories you will savor. Create experiences that make you and your inner child smile. If you are a parent, make a list of what you would have loved during the holidays as a child. My list includes love, safety from sexual torture, and a mom who did not leave me. I did not get those things, but as a mother, I can give them to my children. I already have! Pat yourselves on the back if you have too, parents. Holidays are a wonderful opportunity to solidify charming and love-filled memories, especially if you are a parent. When things feel triggery, picture yourself as a child and then hug and hold that child. Look at your children for cues on how to be, how to simply be here in the now for brand new experiences. Each year is another year further away from the abuse and further into our own lives. What freedom! Take lots of baths, with sea salts and essential oils, take your vitamins, get some good exercise, stretch or do some yoga, meditate or pray, watch movies, hug your pet, get a massage, get a new haircut, dance, put on some John Coltrane, watch the squirrels, listen to some groovy jazz or hip hop, take pictures of your new life, have your feelings and accept them, keep going, I will see you all after the holidays!
Love and Light, SES


Meghan - active survivor said...

I love this idea. I don't have kids of my own, but as a nanny and sitter, I always love helping the kiddos create special memories!

I love the symbolism of holding yourself, though.

Angela Shelton said...

OMG I love you, please write a book.

Anonymous said...

i love you too. and i am writing...keep on my ass!