Friday, December 21, 2007

Remembering Yourself During the Holidays

We spend so much time during this season thinking of the wants and needs of others. We try to balance our obligations and our desires. This year, I have decided to do two things for myself.

1. I am sending myself a Christmas card! I am reminding myself that I am a lovable and valued person! (it's above... click to enlarge)

2. I am gifting to myself! Lots of people are using the paper and plastic this week to purchase, purchase, purchase! Yet, I am going to make something for myself. I think that oftentimes we forget to take care of ourselves, especially this time of year. So... I am creating coupons for myself to put in my stocking that I can "cash-in" if I feel overwhelmed or just REALLY want to enjoy my day off (-ha!) or need to take one. I am writing coupons for little things like a hot bath, an hour of meditation, a dinner for one, ice cream, a phone call to a friend I have neglected to keep in touch with, a cup of tea, or taking the time to pre-order Angela's new book (click to order).

3. Ok! So while writing this, I thought of a third thing. I am going to take my calendar and mark one day during each month in it that is going to be MINE to do what I want despite the desires of others... I think I just picked my New Year's Resolution!


Partners of Survivors ~ Jenn said...

Love it! You are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

this is great! viva la self care!!!
sarah elise