Sunday, December 16, 2007

Helping an Abused Loved One

You can help your abused loved one by embracing them in their own unconditional love of self. Many people do not know how to love themselves, especially if they have been abused. In the Sacred Heart Blessing you are bathed in your own love and unconditional acceptance of self. You actually feel the energy of love as it envelopes and embraces you in self acknowledgement, love, and worth.

This blessing activates the heart chakra energy and envelops the person in pure, unconditional love. It clears energy blockages and enhances balance and wellness. It surrounds the entire body with love energy. It also connects your heart energy with the heart energy of the other person. This acknowledgment of each other results in a beautiful blessing.

To center yourself, place both hands on top of your own heart (left on top of right). Take a couple of deep cleansing breaths. Now leave your left hand on your heart and place your right hand on the heart chakra (energy center) of the person in front of you. Allow time for the two of you to connect energetically. Next place your left hand on top of your right hand so that both your hands rest on the person’s heart energy center. Allow the energy of his sacred heart to build.

When you have a sense of his energy, slowly lift your hands off the person’s chest, keeping your palms facing him. Bring your hands back toward your own heart level. As his energy field expands, take several steps backward. Step back until you intuitively feel his energy field balance. (could be from 2 to 12 feet or more) Then extend your arms outward, keeping palms toward your partner. You may slowly move your extended arms up and down a little, feeling his energy field activating. Hold this position while the unconditional love of the person’s sacred heart envelopes his entire body.

Throughout the blessing keep your eyes open looking at your partner even if his eyes are closed. You are not using your own energy at all. You are activating his energy and bathing him in unconditional love of self. When you feel the energy has permeated every cell of his body, slowly bring your hands back to your chest area. With your hands extended toward the person’s chest, walk slowly toward him until you can place your hands upon his heart area. Allow time for him to be totally connected with his own heart energy.

Leave one hand on his heart. Slowly place your other hand on your own heart. Look into his eyes and let the love flow between your hearts. See that person as the beautiful spiritual being he is. When your blessing is complete, disconnect by slowly bringing your hands into a prayerful position, bowing your head in honor of the person before you.

May your journey into self-love be magnificent! Mary

Mary Lemons
Inner Awakenings
@September, 2001