Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How do you break the life long pattern of being a victim?

I am reading the various letters that come into the PO box from survivors and loved ones of survivors.

Here is the idea that began it:   Send in your story and a dollar to contribute to The Survivor Manual

Sending in a dollar is helpful but not necessary, and we cannot mail back anything anything that you send us.  

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KerryAnne said...

okay so I am not a fan of the word Victim... In the Courage to Heal Journal it says something like A Victim is someone who has died or in the backwards of some hospital. If you are alive and well today you are a SURVIVOR... The next step that I see is a Thriver... Right now I'm on the thriver step...I have quite defined that but how I see a Thriver is someone who is activly working towards healing and beginning to speak out to help others... it can be little things like writing to Angela or big things like starting a blog or speaking out in your community... Don't Let yourself be the victim anymore...I think I felt comfortable being the victim its all I knew...but once you feel the Survivor side and call yourself a Survivor for the first time you'll realize how much better it is! Because if you keep being the victim...your abusers win...they still have power over you...Take that Power BACk!!!