Thursday, November 29, 2007

Reporting and Justice

These are the QUESTIONS I hear most often and this is the reason I wanted The Survivor Manual. I have tried to keep the questions related to each other in close proximity.

For my contributors, please feel free to address any of these questions and put Q and A in the label at the bottom.

As we collect answers, we will provide the blog entry link by the questions to make it easier to search! This is a work in progress and will continue to move forward. Keep coming back!

How is the best way to report my abuse?

What if I don't remember it?

What if it will ruin my family?

What if the cops don't believe me?

How do I report really? I mean do I just walk into the police station?

I was raped and there was a SANE nurse brought in. She was great but then the cop came and she was so rude to me. It was a woman too! It was horrible. Was there anything I could have done? Should I have asked for a new cop? Did I have to talk to her?

What if I was drunk when I was raped?

What if my offender is a cop?

Should I sue?

I can’t decide whether to sue my stepfather for the abuse he inflicted. I have enormous psychotherapy bills and I think he should pay for it. I’m afraid of the system and what it will do to me. What do you recommend? How would I begin to find an attorney?

What do you do about organized perps? What about when they are all friends and protect each other? How do you get out of that?