Saturday, November 24, 2007

False Memories??

Wall St. Journal talks about False Memories??

I commented at the end of this Wall Street Journal article and now there are 14 pages of comments now. Get on there and share your opinion. The False Memory people really make it difficult for stories to come out. Here's a snippet of the article:

The aim of recovered-memory therapy is to remind people of past traumas, often childhood sexual abuse, using techniques such as hypnotherapy, medication, re-enactments of traumatic moments and isolation from family. In the 1990s, studies suggested such intrusive methods were giving patients memories and multiple personalities that didn’t exist before. (The American Psychiatric Association has dropped multiple-personality disorder as a diagnostic category, replacing it with a slightly different designation known as dissociative-identity disorder.)

This is my comment:

I have been on the road talking to survivors of trauma for almost seven years now. “False memories” is a concept that is made up to protect perpetrators just like “PAS, parent alienation syndrome” is. These articles and research that say “studies show” should be very scrutinized. Many of these perpetrators work together to protect each other and silence victims. The False Memory Syndrome Foundation is one of the many organizations that protects “alleged offenders” and sues therapists that “plant false memories.” They pay their “experts” to come up with these “studies” and to testify in court on their behalf. It is so easy to point the fingers at survivors and say that they made it up and they are crazy because so many of their offenders are their parents and have tortured them to such a degree that they do repress the memories as a protection mechanism. And it is even easier to not believe that those nice white rich people would be torturing children and making a profit on child porn because they look so well put together and “normal” and their victims are so “crazy.” To be raped, tortured, sodomized, sold, and abused in the ways that I hear about every day would make anyone “crazy” and just like in a violent act of war – your brain may very well suppress the worse parts of the violence to protect yourself. We all must really look where these “experts” are getting their information and who is funding them just like who distributes these articles.

Who owns the Wall Street Journal?