Monday, November 26, 2007

E. Sue Blume

My buddy E. Sue Blume has offered to contribute to this blog. I love
all of these amazing people!

E. Sue Blume is the author of the book SECRET SURVIVORS:
Uncovering Incest and its Aftereffects in Women (Ballantine Paperback/
Trade version available) But she says to buy the paperback, because it's a lot cheaper! The book is based on her amazing "Incest Survivors Aftereffects Checklist" (c), that she will post for us.

"Secret Survivors" is important because it is for survivors, those who support and love survivors, survivors, she also tells me that many survivors give it to their therapists! It was also one of the first for survivors who have blocked out their memories. (She says that the the False Memory Freaks had tissy-fit over her work, just as I expected!) The book really shows how victims react to the abuse by suppressing and dissociating memories of it, having a variety of addictions, eating disorders, problems with anger, guilt, shame, relationships-- and other issues! But her point is that survivors should not be judged or labeled for those reactions--that they are aware what the victimized child did to survive.

After describing how incest forces victims to alter themselves in order to cope, Blume also has great suggestions for recovery - which is the whole point! I recommend that you get her book if you haven't already.