Thursday, November 29, 2007


Young Alicia Kozakeiwicz faced Congress last month and bravely told them about her rescue from the basement of a sadistic child predator.

Alicia knew she was saved when she looked up and "saw the three most beautiful letters in the world: F-B-I" on the jackets of the men who unchained her and brought her back home. Yesterday, you helped the FBI and other child rescue teams get much closer to rescuing thousands of children just like Alicia. The cavalry is coming. We can now hear the rumbling of a stampede off in the distance ... closing in on the hundreds of thousands of child predators at large in this country.
(Hear Alicia and others speak:

U.S. House of Representatives heard your demands and passed the PROTECT our Children Act of 2007. A voice vote was cast Tuesday evening. Then our dedicated house sponsor, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, demanded a recorded vote ... sending the message to her peers in Congress that she meant to hold each and every one of them accountable for protecting children.
Read about the vote:

For months PROTECT has been battling opposition to this landmark legislation.

And we won: 415 to 2!

In Washington and in the media you hear a lot about special interests. You hear about how they corrupt the process and you hear politicians talk about how they refuse to allow them to influence their votes.

Well, every member of PROTECT has a special interest: children. We are moms and dads, bikers, teachers, sisters, police officers and other caring people. We are fighting not to garner financial gain for ourselves, not for tobacco or oil or a defense contract ... but for the sacred cause of child protection. And Congress is listening.

Make no mistake, this battle has just begun. We have momentum, but next our fight moves to the Senate. Once we win there, we will again fight to make Congress fully-fund the PROTECT Our Children Act. We need all of you more now than ever.

Visit PROTECT's webpage, and become a member. Tell the children who languish in torturous situations like Alicia's, "Don't give up. The cavalry is coming, and they're going to be here soon."