Thursday, January 8, 2009

January 5-11 is Women's Self-Empowerment Week!

Self-empowerment is one of the most important as well as most difficult things to implement into our everyday lives, especially in people who have been through abuse and trauma. During traumatic events we are stripped of our self esteem and our self respect and during the healing process we have to learn to re-teach ourselves our own self worth, which begins with embracing self care. Who knew that something as simple as taking care of ourselves, physically as well as emotionally, could be so hard; but it is for many people and while giving ourselves the respect, courtesy and empowerment that we need in our everyday lives may be difficult and in some cases may even seem impossible, what we gain from that self care far exceeds anything else that we can do for ourselves.

Like I said, empowerment and self care are incredibly difficult at times to implement into our everyday lives so this week is the perfect time to focus on how you can easily add a little self empowerment into your life. This week is all about the women and taking care of ourselves, giving ourselves the nurture that we need and not being afraid to spend a little time on ourselves. Sure, while Women’s Self-Empowerment Week will (publicly) end on January 11, do not stop there! I know just as well as everyone else that life sometimes gets in the way and we may go days without giving ourselves a few moments to reflect on who we are and why we’re amazing. I try to give myself a good hour of “happy time,” I call it, a day. One hour that is completely mine, shared with no one, to do what I wish and I highly suggest that you all do the same; it can do wonders for your mind because being stressed about work or home or children or whatever it is that you find yourself stressed out about all the time, is not good for your mind or your body.

This week is also the time to let all of the amazing women in your lives know how you feel about them. Let them know how much they mean to you and why they are amazing women.

How will you celebrate Women’s Self-Empowerment Week?