Friday, February 1, 2008

Moving on...

One thing that I've learned as a Survivor is that it is important to make sure that you are not falling back into that abuse cycle. I notice that I seem to find myself attracted to people who abuse and sometimes you convince yourself that somethings are not abuse if you aren't being hit. Well words can be abusive too! You need to start paying attention to how all people are treating you. Including people who you think are your "friends".

The reason I say this because I fell into something very much like this. One of my female friends was the perp in this case. She wasn't hitting me or anything thing like that. But it was her words that were abusive.

Really start to pay attention to things your friends are saying...everyone. Sometimes, you dismiss it, ....they are your friends, and are just trying to help...well no, if the words hurt its not a friend...its us being the victim again.

Be careful not to be comfortable in the victim chair because in the long run it will hurt you!

Remember you do not deserve to be abused even if its your "Friend!"

True friends are not abusive....