Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I am writing my autiobiography!

Angela told me I had to write about the process of writing my autobiography so here goes!
My physical therapist found out I have an interest in writing. He introduced me to a client who just finished her memoir at 71. After the three of us had lunch, she asked when I wanted to get together to read our writing to each other. This was the moment of commitment or synchronicity as Angela says.

This commitment meant I had to go home and write. The technique of learning a new habit in 21 days is a tool for me. I wrote on my calendar for each day 1 through day 21. Today is day 13 of my writing. I have written an hour sometimes two hours each day. The process of free style which is to write everything that comes to mind, just to keep writing, no thought of editing or spelling. The first day I looked to the left and imagined what it was like when I was a child on a tobacco farm before we moved when I was six.

Each day I continue adding to the script. I also print each days writing and file these 6 to 8 pages. My flat mate just happens to be a college professor, a writer and an editor. He told me about this technique which I am calling brain dumping. The intention is to get everything out of the head and onto paper. Once this is done, I will start to review each days writing and make notes in the margins about other ideas that come up. I am also rereading Write From the Heart, Unleashing the Power of Your Creativity by Hal Zina Bennett.

Yesterday, day 12, I fell in love with writing. I had no idea until yesterday that writing was like a spiritual exercise or a contemplation. For example, in contemplation when I am imagining feeling my completed book, like Anglea has the blog of experiencing her new book. She is feeling it, touching it and etc. This is what I did to see, touch and feel my book. It is a technique given in Write From the Heart. In doing this exercise, there was a point when the imagination stopped and something else took over. It was soul movement or the divine essence of who I am, the divine. This same type of creativity has taken over in the writing process. I had no idea there was a similarity until I experienced it. I am now in love with writing.

It has been a discipline to write each day, but I look forward to it. It has been different almost every day, the feeling that goes with it. The first day was almost surreal, then there were days of jumbled ideas, other days the words flowed out on the paper and an hour was up before I knew it, which has been almost every day. Some days I didn't want to stop and didn't, some days I had to stop and book and event for Angela. Can you tell I am excited? I have been inspired to know my sword is for inspiration, that's why I keep IT beside me!