Friday, September 18, 2009

Trauma Stewardship

Anyone who works with traumatized people can be caught in the grip of anxiety, irritability, or overwhelming sadness. By shutting out those feelings, you may sink into emotional numbness. You wish for wise words and a fresh perspective. You long for an understanding heart. You can find all that and more in Laura van Dernoot Lipsky’s terrific book. What could be more useful to a beleaguered trauma worker than this kit bag of straight talk, wisdom, practical ideas and delightful doses of humor? Trauma Stewardship can be read straight through or picked up as needed for 15 minutes a day. Either way, it will get you through the hard times. It will help you feel better and work smarter. No trauma worker should be without it.

counselor, educator, and author of Getting Free: You Can
End Abuse and Take Back Your Life.

Seattle, Washington, USA