Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day of Service Call

In honor of our new first lady's national call to service - Monday, Jan 19th on Martin Luther King Day, I did a free hour of empowerment to women nationwide that you can now listen to anytime.

Those of you who saw my Vote For Change video during the election campaign know how much I love Michelle Obama. When she calls us to be of service I stand at attention. What I did not see on the list were ways to be of service to women and children issues. You know me - I can't keep my big mouth shut so instead of complaining about it, I got solution oriented! I spoke for about an hour. On the call I continued my mission of inspiring and empowering all survivors to heal and lead joyful lives by sharing ways to be of service in your community by helping women and children.

Listen to the call anytime.

Everything you do affects everything else so do well for yourself and others! This national service call was presented by The Angela Shelton Foundation.

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