Friday, August 15, 2008

Perps are people we know, love, and trust...

The new Darkness to Light public service announcements have caused quite a stir - you can read about it in a blog that Jesse Kornbluth just published on, the most influential blog in the world, according to The Guardian. To read it, click here.
If you have seen the PSAs, which were developed by Darkness to Light's media partner Young & Rubicam, you know that the campaign shows responsible-looking, middle-aged white men confessing that they're not just coaches or uncles --- they have a nasty secret, and it involves your kid. This is factually accurate: 90% of child sexual abuse incidents are most often perpetrated by someone known to the child and/or the child's family.

Viewers are outraged, and they should be ---
not at the PSAs, but at the reality of chlid sexual abuse. In the blog, Anne Lee, President and CEO of Darkness to Light, urges the public to turn anger into action --- to come to the site and start to learn how to recognize, prevent and react responsibly to child sexual abuse.

Since the spots began airing on CNN and Lifetime, visits to the Darkness to Light website have increased 200% in the past 2 weeks! that's the power of media!

Please go on that blog and comment!